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225 480-732

Find your preferred college below to review your college's course catalog. Chandler-Gilbert Community College 2626 E. Pecos Rd. Chandler, AZ 85225 480-732-7000 Estrella Mountain Community College 3000 N. Dysart Rd. Avondale, AZ 85323 623-935-8000 GateWay Community College 108 N. 40th St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-286-8000 Glendale Community College

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Open Classes Only All Classes Semester (s) Spring 2022 College (s) Chandler-Gilbert (CGCC) Estrella Mountain (EMCC) GateWay (GWCC) Glendale (GCC) Mesa (MCC) Paradise Valley (PVCC) Phoenix (PC) Rio Salado (RSC) Scottsdale (SCC) South Mountain (SMCC) Course Credits Credit & Non-Credit Non-Credit Only Credit Only show courses with credits between -

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Find a Class Matched 122 Courses / 143 Classes Managerial Accounting (ACC212) 3 Credits Development and analysis of accounting information for managerial planning and control. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in (ACC111 and ACC112), or ACC211, and (CIS105 or permission of Department or Division). SUN# ACC2202

1. Choice of 10 nationally accredited colleges and one skill center
2. Flexible and convenient day, evening, and weekend class schedules
3. Easy and open online admission process
4. Multiple learning formats, including in-person, online, live online, and hybrid
5. Over 1,600 degree and certificate programs
6. Personal attention and small class sizes
7. Coastal Pines Technical College.
8. Vance-Granville Community College.
9. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.
10. Ogeechee Technical College.
11. Wytheville Community College.
12. Southern Regional Technical College.
13. Western Piedmont Community College.
14. Southwestern Community College.
15. College of the Albemarle.
16. Central Wyoming College.
17. Air Traffic Controller / $122,410
18. Radiation Therapist / $80,160
19. Nuclear Technician / $79,140
20. Some Computer Programming Positions / $79,840
21. Nuclear Medicine Technologist / $74,350
22. Dental Hygienist / $72,910
23. Registered Nurse / $68,450
24. Web Developer / $66,130
25. Medical Sonographer / $64,280
26. Electronic Engineering Technician / $62,180

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1. Set Realistic Goals. If you ask the most successful people what their secret to success is, they’ll tell you that they set goals. Goal setters tend to see the big picture and future possibilities in advance.
2. Prioritize Assignments. Once you’ve set a goal for your education, the next step is prioritizing your assignments and tasks. The first step in prioritizing is understanding completely what is involved with each assignment or task.
3. Create a Daily Schedule and Stick to It. Another strategy for success is to create a schedule of daily tasks you need to complete, such as finishing assignments, studying, contacting instructors, and completing projects.
4. Connect with Your Instructors and Advisor. To make sure you’re on track to a successful outcome with your courses, it’s a good idea to connect with your instructors during their online office hours (also known as e-advising).
5. Use Remote Study Groups. Remote study group apps like Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Skype are an effective way to help one another when struggling to understand a concept.
6. Study, Study, and Keep Studying. Preparing for upcoming exams takes focus, good time management skills, and persistence. A general guideline is to study for 10 hours per week, per class.
7. Allow for Computer and Internet Issues. Studying online gives you great freedom but comes with certain challenges if you have technical issues. With that in mind, budget your time to allow for computer or internet issues and try to avoid waiting until the last second to complete an assignment.
8. Practice Self-care. Hectic school schedules can zap your energy and leave you with no personal time for yourself. Be sure to take the time to give yourself what you need and be patient with yourself.

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Scheduling your classes is extremely important, but can also be a big task. Whether this is your first semester or your third, the following are useful tools for crafting a schedule that best suits you. Maricopa Community Colleges. 2411 W. 14th St., Tempe, AZ 85281

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1. On the left-hand side, check the appropriate categories for your search. Under College, make sure you select Scottsdale (SCC). At the bottom, click More Search Options.

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What is the best Maricopa Community College??

Why Study in Arizona at a Maricopa Community College?

  • Choice of 10 nationally accredited colleges and one skill center
  • Flexible and convenient day, evening, and weekend class schedules
  • Easy and open online admission process
  • Multiple learning formats, including in-person, online, live online, and hybrid
  • Over 1,600 degree and certificate programs
  • Personal attention and small class sizes

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Do community colleges provide online courses??

Affordable Online Community Colleges

  • Coastal Pines Technical College. ...
  • Vance-Granville Community College. ...
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. ...
  • Ogeechee Technical College. ...
  • Wytheville Community College. ...
  • Southern Regional Technical College. ...
  • Western Piedmont Community College. ...
  • Southwestern Community College. ...
  • College of the Albemarle. ...
  • Central Wyoming College. ...

How to take online community college classes for free??

  • Air Traffic Controller / $122,410
  • Radiation Therapist / $80,160
  • Nuclear Technician / $79,140
  • Some Computer Programming Positions / $79,840
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist / $74,350
  • Dental Hygienist / $72,910
  • Registered Nurse / $68,450
  • Web Developer / $66,130
  • Medical Sonographer / $64,280
  • Electronic Engineering Technician / $62,180

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Can I take community college classes online??

Online community colleges offer affordable, two-year degrees for students who cannot commute to campus, or for those who prefer to study remotely. Attending an online community college provides several benefits, particularly for students who work or provide full-time care for their children.

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