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Create a couple of views. One that groups by Role and one that groups by Training type. On the home page of the Training Home site, add "List" web part for the Pages library with view "by role". Add another List web part with view "by training". Then add new Page, and create training page as you would like them to be formatted. Then save drop

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To do this, select Create site from the SharePoint start page (or, if you're going to associate this site with a Hub site, navigate to the hub site and select Create site there so that the communication site is automatically associated with that hub site). Next, choose Communication site, and then the Topic layout.

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SharePoint Employee Training Management Configuration

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The Knowledge Academy’s 55238-B: SharePoint Online for Administrators training course is designed to train the delegates with the required knowledge to understand the architecture of SharePoint Online. Our 3-day training course will provide them with an in-depth understanding and hands-on practice of configuring the options, working with site

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If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in Sharepoint, then Enroll in Best SharePoint Online Training" What is SharePoint . SharePoint is a cloud-based platform that facilitates the easy sharing of files and documents along with a multitude of other features. Many options include libraries, databases, discussion boards, calendars, tables, and …

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If you want to learn to create a SharePoint site then this course is what you need. The instructor will explain how you can set up a list used for storing car rental requests. Then you will understand all about the Power Automate concepts …

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How to Create a New Site Page in SharePoint Online. See our list of SharePoint Online Training Courses . for private training for 3 or more people at your site or online. SharePoint Online introduced a new type of page, called a Site Page, that has a new look and feel compared to traditional Web Part and Wiki Pages. These new Site Pages are very sharp looking and can …

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Creating your SharePoint Online Intranet site. To create your new site, you’ll need to access the SharePoint admin center which can be accessed from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at’ll either need to be a Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator.. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to navigate to Admin centers > SharePoint …

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You should create a SharePoint list, add columns, and then customize a form in Power Apps. In order to create a list, open your site in SharePoint Online. Hit Site Contents in the navigation pane, click New, enter a name, for example, Forms SharePoint Online (because we are creating this list to explain SharePoint Forms creation), and click Create.

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Go to the advanced settings and click on “Edit Template”. Design your certificate and use Insert -> Quick Parts -> Document Property to include values from the document library fields. Click on save as and save the template as docx instead of dotx. This is very important because otherwise the documents will be broken if created from a workflow.

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Every site you create in SharePoint Online will generate at least 3 groups automatically: Generally, Visitors can view the site by logging in, Members can contribute documents to the site, and Owners can add and delete more components to the site. You can choose to put users into these groups or create your own.

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In the latest SharePoint Online version, users can create a Modern calendar view for a simple List. So let's see how it's done! First, we need to create a …

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Lists are one of the core components of SharePoint. Learn how to create a list and work with it in this video. This video is part of my FREE 30+ lesson self-paced online training course called Collaboration in Microsoft 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams). Enroll today at for the full learning experience

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You can create a Page to embed a diagram and other related documents. In addition, you can create a Page Template to make your knowledge base consistent. Finally, you can also add metadata to pages as well if need. The sky is the limit! Requirement 7: Document Acknowledgement. Sometimes, you may require users to acknowledge they read or …

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Go to Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage web applications. Click on New Link as shown below. A form will appear to create a new web application. IIS Web Site: Use an existing IIS web site: If you are using the existing web site. For this option, the existing web site should be present on all the servers in the farm.

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Know-How to create: an enduring SharePoint list in Excel and a Word Mail Merge. For those more sophisticated, consider accessing the list via Microsoft’s Power Query tool. Simple, a single SharePoint list. If you have a small organization, are unfamiliar with the administrative functions in SharePoint or simply need to get something up and running fast – …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an employee training management site in SharePoint??

To create an Employee Training Management site you can Create a new site collection in SharePoint’s Central Administration. Create a new website in an existing site collection. Activate the feature on an existing website.

Is there a free SharePoint training for beginners??

I have created a free SharePoint training for beginners (videos training). This training will help you to start with Office 365, SharePoint Online. The topics I have covered are: Understanding of SharePoint, Office 365, SharePoint on-premise, and SharePoint Online Detailed understanding SharePoint site collections, sites, and subsites

How do I create a SharePoint website??

You can create your site from the SharePoint homepage by clicking ‘Create Site.’ Choose Your Site Type and Options. The most common choices are Team sites (for collaboration) and Communication sites (for information broadcasting).

Why take an introduction to SharePoint Online course??

In this Introduction to SharePoint Online training you gain a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s popular cloud-based platform. In this hands-on course you will learn to create, manage, and customize sites using new tools to help you empower your organization.

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