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Free online courses, when provided by leading secondary schools and universities, offer an excellent way to maximize performance on AP exams and raise scores. Online courses can be valuable resources – especially when …

1. Physics
2. Teacher Training

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1. AP Chemistry. Khan Academy developed this best AP Chemistry prep course. It is offered for free, so any student can participate in it. This is a beta course that is still in development.
2. Preparing for the AP English Language and Composition Exam. This free course was developed by the Tennessee Board of Regents and is offered by edX. The purpose of this course is to help students further develop their reading and writing skills.
3. AP Psychology – Course 1: What is Psychology? The University of British Columbia developed this course. It is one of eight courses in AP psychology that you can take on edX.
4. AP Physics 1: Challenging Concepts. AP Physics is one of the more challenging AP courses. With this prep class from Davidson Next and edX, you’ll be better prepared for the AP Physics exam.
5. AP English Literature & Composition – Part 1: Stories. This AP prep course was developed by the University of California at Berkeley. It’s offered by edX.
6. AP Statistics. This AP statistics course was developed by Khan Academy. It is a brand-new course that is still in development. There are currently 16 individual lessons.
7. AP US Government and Politics: Exam Prep. This exam prep course for AP US government and politics was developed by This is not a traditional online AP course.
8. AP Calculus BC Exam Prep. This AP Calculus BC exam prep course is from It is a comprehensive course. Included in it are 167 lessons. New lessons are often added too.
9. CS50’s AP Computer Science Principles. If you want to take the AP exam for computer science, this prep course from Harvard and edX is a good choice.
10. AP Calculus AB. This AP Calculus AB course is offered by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. The course is approved by the College Board, which is in charge of AP courses.

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Look at state-based programs. Most states have "virtual academies" that offer online courses, including AP. Visit your state's department of education website for details. Consider courses offered by colleges and universities. Some universities, such as University of California offer online learning programs that include AP courses.

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Students looking for online advanced placement classes will be happy to see our list of AP courses including Music Theory, Psychology, Calculus, World History, and Economics. 12th-grade students (and advanced 11th graders) finish off their online high school career with AP courses readying them for a challenging academic college career. Online high school …

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Advanced Placement. The Advanced Placement (AP) program makes college and university courses available for students to take while they’re still in secondary school. Courses offered in this program are administered by the College Board which is recognized for advanced credit or placement in many Canadian and American universities and colleges.

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If you're searching for the best online AP courses, these are the qualities you should look for. #1: It's Accredited There's no reason why you can't self-study for an exam with non-accredited online resources—but if you are going to take an entire AP course online, it makes the most sense to take one that is accredited by the College Board.

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Online content providers, such as makers of virtual labs or curricular packages, cannot participate in the AP Course Audit. Such lab or curricular materials may subsequently be reviewed as part of an online or distance learning provider’s course, but stand-alone materials cannot be submitted to be evaluated as independent products. The AP Course Audit process is designed to review …

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If you take an accredited (i.e., College Board-approved) online AP class, you will get a transcript with a letter grade that shows that you …

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Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: OCAD U recognizes the value of AP courses and will take successful completion of these courses into consideration when assessing academic requirements. Transfer credit may be awarded to students who achieve a grade of 4 or higher in courses that are approved as equivalent to OCAD U courses. Queen’s University. …

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Online AP courses are available so students can study and work according to their own pace. The number of online classes you choose depends on your goals. For example, you can take 2 or 4 online courses if you want to join a less demanding college or university. Remember that if you don’t pass the exam, you won’t take credit for the course so it will be a total waste of time. …

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Next, sign up for an AP Course Audit account, complete the AP Course Audit form online and choose one of the options listed above. Response time should take about two weeks, or up to 60 days if

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If you do want to take an authorized AP course, look into online providers authorized by the AP Program. Read more. Can anyone take AP? The AP Program believes that all motivated and academically prepared students should be able to enroll in AP courses. We strongly encourage all high schools to follow this principle. Some high schools let any student enroll in an AP …

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Select AP courses completed with a national exam result of 4 or 5 are eligible for transfer credits consideration. Please see the table below for a list of AP transfer credits that Dalhousie currently offers. Please note: the transfer credits a student receives may be impacted by the degree requirements of their program. How to request AP

AP course: Dalhousie equivalent
Calculus AB: Mathematics 1000.03 and 1010.03
Biology: 1010.03 and 1011.03
Calculus BC: Mathematics 1000.03 and 1010.03

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The use of a textbook varies by course, and not all online courses require one, though most online honors and AP® courses do require textbooks. Textbook and supply costs (i.e. lab kits, if applicable) are not included in course fees. Course Pacing and Extensions Course Pacing. Students enrolled in Online AP courses have up to 16 weeks (for 1-credit courses) and up to …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find online AP classes??

To find AP online providers, go to the AP Course Ledger and put “online” in the field for “high school name.” Prepare via self-study. Get familiar with the course material and exam format by reviewing the detailed information on the AP Courses and Exams page.

What are AP® courses??

They are designed to help prepare students to take the AP® exam in a particular subject. A student's AP® exam score may allow them to receive college credit, as determined by the college. Explore the online AP® courses available:*

Are online AP courses worth it??

AP Courses for College Advancement Free online courses, when provided by leading secondary schools and universities, offer an excellent way to maximize performance on AP exams and raise scores. Online courses can be valuable resources – especially when guidance for AP Exams is not offered at the high school level.

How can I take AP classes in high school??

If your high school doesn’t offer a specific AP course like calculus or physics (or any at all), you can take AP courses online or at a local college (you’d just need to find out if there are any approved dual enrollment programs at colleges in your area.)

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