Are there any companies that gamify their security training

Top ELearning Gamification Companies (2022 Update)

Their They make online courses that help users relate to the topic and keep their focus with interactive and gamified elements. eWyse has developed multiple free courses that are fun to take but also teach about eLearning development, gamification, and other important elements. Make sure to check out their eLearning course examples.

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13 Free Gamification Training Software EdApp …


1. EdApp. EdApp is a gamification training software that allows you to transform dull learning content into smartphone-like games that motivate your employees to complete their courses and retain training concepts while also having fun.
2. Qstream. Qstream is another gamification training software that offers gamification elements, micro-explanations, challenges, scenario-based Q&A, and spaced repetition features, you can also increase your learner’s knowledge retention and productivity.
3. Unlock:Learn. Unlock:Learn has been in the corporate training industry for more than 25 years. As a platform, they’ve enabled organizations to develop interactive training content and bespoke learning experiences for their employees.
4. Tovuti LMS. As a learning management platform and gamification training software, Tovuti LMS helps you streamline your employee training system. With its built-in course authoring suite, you can design, edit, schedule, and deploy interactive courses hassle-free.
5. Gametize. Gametize is an enterprise-grade gamification training software and LMS solution that enables organizations to enhance their employees’ training experiences, whether they are going through onboarding or upskilling programs.
6. Edgagement. With Edgagement, you can build gamified microlearning content, quizzes, and surveys through a simple drag and drop authoring tool. Even with little to no knowledge of graphic design, you can easily create interactive training materials with the help of over 15 game templates like spin to win, fact or fiction, double match, connect the dots, jumble pic, and many more.
7. Kahoot! Primarily an online quiz maker, Kahoot! uses visually appealing gamification elements to maximize engagement and ensure higher completion rates among learners.
8. Hoopla. Hoopla is a gamification training software and engagement solution designed to motivate sales teams to increase performance through contests, leaderboards, and real-time recognition.
9. Centrical. Design personalized microlearning content with Centrical’s powerful gamification training software. With its user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to design visually appealing game-based learning materials without needing advanced design expertise.
10. Archy Learning. Archy Learning is an all-in-one gamification training software and elearning platform that you can use to create a global classroom, perfect for those who are training remote teams across the globe.

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How Gamification Training Increases Engagement

Gamified Gamified learning for security awareness and compliance has recently gained popularity as a motivational strategy. With gamification, standard training is converted into a …

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7 Best Gamification Courses [2022 NOVEMBER] …


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1. Top Gamification Courses (Udemy) If you want to learn gamification from scratch, this set of courses from Udemy can help you in your quest. It offers a variety of classes to help you know everything about gamification from the beginning.
2. Gamification Training Certification by University of Pennsylvania (Coursera) This extensive course, available on Coursera, has been created by University of Pennsylvania and taught by Kevin Werbach.
3. Gamification: Motivation Psychology & The Art of Engagement (Udemy) This online course is created to help you learn how to motivate and engage anyone by learning the psychology behind human behavior.
4. Gamification for Interactive Learning – Free Course (LinkedIn Learning) Gamification is the best technique to represent educational contents to the students in the more personalized, visually compelling and engaging way.
5. Gamification of Learning – Free Training (LinkedIn Learning) Karl M. Kapp is an expert, writer and scholar on the convergence of technology, games and learning and has handled a range of gamification projects and serious games.
6. Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning (edX) This online training on Gamification is specially designed to learn the ultimate tool for supporting gameful learning environments that offer engaged and personalized learning in schools.
7. Gamification & Behavioral Design: The Octalysis Framework (Udemy) This gamification course has created by Yu-kai Chou who is an international keynote speaker and author and has bagged ‘Gamification Guru of the Year’ award.

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8 Best Examples Of Gamification In Corporate Training In …

People 2. Motivate Action in the Workplace. Sitting around in meetings is a thing of the past. People today want to take active roles in their career and their training. People learn …

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Top 10 Tools To Gamify Training EdApp Microlearning

Gamify Tools to gamify training #3 – Edgagement. Edgagement is a tool to gamify training that uses a simple drag-and-drop authoring tool to help you build gamified …

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5 Ways To Gamify Your Online Course ELearning Industry

Attractive And we shouldn’t even mention that education that is fun, in addition to being useful, is much more attractive. All this means that if you are thinking about creating a truly …

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Gamification — Cybersecurity’s Turn To Play Infosec Resources

Gamification Gamification — Cybersecurity’s turn to play January 18, 2021 by Tyler Schultz Games are everywhere and we can’t stop playing them. According to the Entertainment …

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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Gamify Virtual Training Cubix

We’d Now, in the era of gamification, training programs have a new tool in their arsenal and one that we’d all be remiss to ignore. The goals of gamification include achieving higher levels of …

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Get Your Guard Card Online! TwoProtect Training BSIS Guard …

(415) 754-8273Online Over 150,000 Security Guards Trained Online Since 2009. Call us at (415) 754-8273. Online Guard Card Courses - Work at your own pace 24/7.

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How To Add Gamification To Your Online Courses (5 Ways)

Relies Online courses, for instance, can use features such as badges, streak tracking, and points to add gamified elements to their content. Effective gamification relies on a mix of …

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How To Start Your Own Business Free Online Courses My Own …

MOBI's MOBI's NEW Sales & Marketing Badge Short Course makes it easier than ever for anyone interested in learning tools & techniques to enhance their skills. This abbreviated online

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Best Application Security Training Near Mountain View, CA

Application Application Security Training start at just $10/hour! UrbanPro offers the most affordable Application Security Training in Mountain View, CA. Just select a Tutor, book a no …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this online training on gamification?

This online training on Gamification is specially designed to learn the ultimate tool for supporting gameful learning environments that offer engaged and personalized learning in schools.

Are there any free online security guard courses?

Our free online security guard courses (with certificates available upon request for a small fee) provide a fascinating introduction to this dynamic profession. Suitable for newcomers and experienced personnel along, our free security guard training programs are based on the same high-quality materials as our paid programs.

How can gamification improve security awareness and cyber skills training?

Instead of learning solely through materials or instructors, students or employees learn by doing as they play a game. Experiential learning increases engagement, boosts lesson retention and encourages learners to apply knowledge or behaviors in the real world. This makes gamification perfect for security awareness and cyber skill training.

What are the best examples of gamification in corporate training?

8 Best Examples of Gamification in Corporate Training in 2021. 1 1. Incentivize and Accelerate Learning. When people feel engaged and rewarded for their efforts, they learn quicker and are more eager to do so. If ... 2 2. Motivate Action in the Workplace. 3 3. Encourage Social Connections. 4 4. Connect to Company Culture. 5 3. Sales. More items

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